Marketing Team

Debbie Rath

Debbie Rath has been in the pension industry since the 1970’s.  She joined HICKS in 1997 and was instrumental in bringing tiered allocations to our firm.  Debbie has trained many of our administrators, runs proposal and works with our actuary to design state-of-the-art plans.  She works with our wholesalers and  is available for all research questions and issues.

Samantha Nethington

Samantha Nethington has been with HICKS since 2006. She currently runs our document department and has helped design and restate over 1,600 plans. In addition, as webmaster she has helped us create a state-of-the-art website with its content changing daily.  

Tom Hicks

Tom Hicks has been consulting for over 25 years. He started out as a bay area consultant for Hicks Pension while attending JFK law school. Learning from his father, Dave Hicks, the founder of Hicks Pension Service, Tom uses the “circle talk” method to educate his clients about various types of pension plans. Tom has trained and mentored several consultants through the years and continues to service the Tahoe area.