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Investment Providers

Amy Garman
Retirement Business Development Specialist
Great-West Retirement Services

Henry Giano
Regional Sales Director

Barry Newman
Regional Vice President

David Ravarino
TPA Services
Caroline Perry

TPA Regional Vice President 
Matthew Nault
Internal Retirement Sales Associate
Angelo Cabral
Regional Vice President
Zach Carstensen
Regional Vice President
Christopher McDavid
Regional Vice President

Fred Bloodgood
Advanced Sales and Business Development

Bonnie L. Nave
Senior Strategic Relationship Manager: TPA Channel
Kevin Drucker
Managing Director
David Popalardo
Sales Consultant
Timothy R. Guay, MBA, CIMA, ARPC
Director Investment Specialist Group
Kari Lusby, CFP, AIFA
Regional Vice President
Victoria Frey
Relationship Manager

Matt Beaulieu
Regional Vice President


Professional and Educational

Lisa Allen
Educational Programs Advocate

Other Government Agencies